A Registered Charity, Managed by a Board of  Trustees
As a charitable company, the Society must also adhere to charity and company law and follow Charity Commission guidance. The Board of Trustees (who are also Directors under company law) are responsible for ensuring that these rules are followed.

Our Board of Trustees also ensure that the Society is able to deliver its chartable objectives.

Our Trustees:

  • Steve Ackrill
  • David Barr
  • Steve Coventry
  • Nick Wallis



“I am really looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and I believe that the newly elected Board have a strong foundation and skill base from which to build. The first month has been extremely productive and we have been working closely together assessing and getting to know the many systems that are in place across the Society. This, I’m sure you appreciate, will take some time!

The new Board are in total agreement about the need to overhaul the land and property management and are already investigating solutions, making our Showground work efficiently for us is one of our main priorities. We have already secured the return of the Berkshire Young Farmers Show in May 2022. I am hoping to meet many more members over the coming months and in the meantime, if you have any comments to make, please do not hesitate to get in touch.”



“I would like to see the showground site and any NADAS events to start integrating with the surrounding communities and regional businesses. Members of the new Board are already in contact with local Parish Councils, estates and regional Trusts and businesses, looking at various opportunities for far greater collaboration from 2022. It is an optimistic time for the Society and there are many opportunities in West Berkshire that we can embrace.”



“My immediate priority is to improve the financial stability of the Society. This will involve maximizing the income which can be achieved including making full use of the Showground. By working with the membership and wider community I am optimistic we will return to having a thriving successful Society”



“My past experience on various committees such as livestock and sheep have shown me that the Show needs to be re-established in a more viable format and we are looking into a multitude of ways together that this may be possible, for the future. The team are full of fresh and innovative ideas and I am optimistic that any future events will incorporate a greater emphasis on Agriculture and Farming.”