programme for 2021
Upcoming Education Events & Programme
Shake Up Your Wake Up breakfast  Workshop January 8th – January 26th 2024
Potato Challenge – Planting March 11th & 12th 2024
Potato Challenge – Harvesting June 17th & 18th 2024
Agricultural Challenge for Special Education May 9th 2024
Design, Make and Market Challenge for Secondary Schools May 3rd 2024
Autumn Harvest Celebration October 1st 2024 – Showground, October 22nd 2024 – Wellington College
Cookery School for Secondary Schools Ongoing throughout year
Outdoor Themed Days On demand throughout year
Meet the Animals On demand throughout year
British Sausage Week November 4th 2024 – November 8th 2024
Debating Competition January/March 2024
If you would like to help fund a specific event or become a sponsor, please contact Jan on – for more information (just click on the link below).
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