programme for 2021
Upcoming Education Events & Programme
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact and disrupt our everyday lives, we are having to ensure that our programme evolves in a way that ensures the safety of everyone involved in making it happen.

As such we cannot yet confirm our programme for 2021. Below, you can view our indicative Education programme.

Shake Up Your Wake Up breakfast  Workshop January 17th – Feb 4th 2022
Potato Challenge – Planting This will not be happening in 2021 due to lockdown
Potato Challenge – Harvesting As above
Agricultural Challenge for Special Education May 5th 2022
Design, Make and Market Challenge for Secondary Schools May 14th (remotely)
Autumn Harvest Celebration October 5th, showground, November 1st – Wellington College
Cookery School for Secondary Schools Ongoing throughout year
Outdoor Themed Days On demand throughout year
Meet the Animals On demand throughout year
British Sausage Week November 2nd – 5th
If you would like to help fund a specific event or become a sponsor, please contact Jan on – for more information (just click on the link below).

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