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Delivering a Fun and Engaging Education Programme
Our Education Programme is open to all schools across Berkshire, South Oxfordshire, East Wiltshire and North Hampshire and can be tailored to individual school requirements or you can simply book one of Jan’s seasonal events.

There is no cost to schools for any part of the Education programme. We do suggest schools book as soon as possible though, as events do book up very quickly.

Meet the Animals

Where does milk come from?  Why not book a visit from our wooden milking cow, Buttercup and this question will be answered! Buttercup can be booked to visit anywhere in Berkshire, and students can have a go at the traditional milking method, whilst discovering the journey of milk, from cow to the breakfast table.

The subjects covered are; Early Years and KS1—The Story of Milk from Cow to Consumption, Years 3 and 4 – Rights and Responsibilities, (The Red Tractor),  and Years 5 and 6 – milk treatments including pasteurisation and Louis Pasteur.


Our Berkshire pig Rasher is now taking bookings.

At no cost to your school, a visit allows the students to learn about a day in the life of a pig and how different parts of the animal are used, and can include a sausage making demonstration, with a plate of pork sausages for you to cook up and sample after the visit is completed.


Clover the goat is the latest addition to our menagerie of wooden animals.

A visit from her is suitable for any age group in the Primary School and comes with a talk all about goats which will ensure everyone is a goat expert at conclusion.

Students will be able to have a go at hand milking and there will be the opportunity to have a small tasting of goat’s cheese.

Our programme includes the following events:

Breakfast Workshop: Discussing the most important meal of the day, with demonstrations of making porridge and smoothies, breakfast themed activities followed by planting cereal seeds.

Cookery School: Practical cookery sessions, using locally sourced, in season produce. Students will be given the chance to experience field to fork with a farm visit to where the produce has come from.

Agricultural challenge for special education: Schools register and are then given a number of themes to choose. Students then work on their items over the school terms and then all get to show off their amazing work to a selection of judges.

Design, make and market challenge: Students design agricultural and horticultural themed products which are then pitched to an invited audience and panel of judges who decide the winners.

Grow your own potatoes: Planting, growing and harvesting your very own crop of potatoes. Whoever gets the heaviest crop at the end wins!

Autumn Harvest: Schools come along with their home grown pumpkins, learn about growing vegetables from local farmers, play apple bobbing, as well as eating pumpkin soup and apple crumble.

Farm Visit: Children from across Berkshire visit local farms where they learn all about crops, keeping animals, farming machinery and woodland management.

Scarecrow Competition: Open to all schools, with entries usually judged at the annual ploughing match.

Sausage Week: Celebrating the great British banger, school children get the chance to make, cook and taste their own sausages.

If you would like to help fund a specific event or become a sponsor, please contact Jan on – for more information (just click on the link below).
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